The Company

Building Project is one of Italy's leading engineering firms, handling projects for civil and industrial structures, infrastructure, machines and plant, often based abroad.

The company was founded in 1987, at first as an association of professionals with the objective of providing specialist services in Veneto area in the field of metal framework. It grew steadily, bringing together more professionals, until in 2004 it was relaunched as an engineering company providing planning, structural calculations and management, adopting the main international standards.

There has however been no weakening of the professional nature of the relationship with our clientèle, based on our commitment to pursuing the best interests of the client through the execution of orders, seeking to maximise the cost-effectiveness of the planned product while complying fully with safety requirements and requested quality levels.

It operates in sectors ranging from residential-commercial-industrial, road and rail infrastructure, material storage and handling facilities and harbour machinery.

As we have to respond to the needs of a wide range of public and private clients operating in many areas the company has developed as a flexible organization which is able to organize its resources into work groups specifically tailored to each different order for planning, technical and management services.

The company certified in quality in compliance with  UNI EN ISO 9001-2008.


Company Name and Operating Address

Viale Italia, 134  - 31015 CONEGLIANO
Tax and VAT code: 03679500268

Telephone: 0039.0438.62880
Fax: 0039.0438.60064